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Are you a local shop?

Yes we are! We are locally owned, woman owned, and only staffed by hobbyist and pet lovers who are as passionate about your pets as we are ours! Thank you for choosing to support local and livable!

Can aquarium plants get enough light from the window to grow?

Growing plants requires lighting in the proper spectrum and for plants to thrive they often need supplemental light. There are few plants that we suggest for ambient light only but even these often do not thrive long term.

How often do I need to change my aquarium water?

  1. General rule of thumb is to remove then replace 10-20% of dechlorinated water once a week. The best guideline is your water chemistry. If ammonia or nitrites are present we may suggest daily water changes. We may suggest daily water changes if you are also experiencing high nitrites. Basic water testing is free every Wednesday and $3.00 any other day.

Why do you have betas in your aquariums with other fish?

After working in the aquarium industry we have seen first hand the awful conditions that betas are kept in. Their natural ability to use surface air and hardiness is exploited by storing stacks of fish in sometimes barely enough water to move in. Bellingham Pet Supply & Aquatics is committed to changing this industry practice.  With enough room and appropriate tank mates betas make excellent community tank mates.

Is all pet food the same?

Not at all! And there's no one formula that will work for every pet. When you ask us about pet food we ask many questions about your pet and their history to make our best recommendation for your BFF! Fish, inverts, and coral have specific dietary needs and we will make sure you have to correct food.

Are you affiliated with Clark or Hols?

2019 rocked the community when we lost two stores that had been a center for pet lovers for decades. Bellingham Pet Supply & Aquatics is not in any way affiliated with either one of these historic stores. As we wait for a formal decision  if either business will rebuild, we are working to stock many of the items needed for fish and pets and appreciate your feed back on the products you would like to see in the store.

I'm worried about DCM. Can you help?

With the recent news coverage of DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy) many pet parents are concerned about choosing the best food for their cat and dog. Because each pet is unique we do offer grain inclusive diets that are low on the glycemic index. Come in and speak with us about DCM, animal nutrition, and selecting the right food for health.

Where do all these fish come from?

Freshwater and saltwater fish are wild collected all around the globe. This provides countless communities with revenue as well as allows us to keep a variety of fish that may not yet be possible to captive raise. Aqua culturing has made huge improvements in supplying the industry with both salt water and fresh water fish.  We also partner with select local breeders and growers for fish, inverts, plants, and coral.

What is cycling an aquarium?

Cycling is the process of growing beneficial bacteria in your aquarium that will consume waste and make it a min-ecosystem and not simply a container of water. This process takes about a month and can only be confirmed with a water test. Head over to our starting an aquarium section to learn more!

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