It all started with a fish tank no one wanted and a rescue dog.

Growing up in Eastern Washington we were money poor but animal rich. Horses, cats, dogs, fish were always a part of my life even after relocating to the Pacific Northwest. As a teen I was gifted a fish tank with all the equipment and even fish. This was back before the internet was what it is now, and it was quite the process to learn the do's and do not's of keeping fish and plants alive let alone thriving. After starting a family very young and many years of hard work I was able to buy my first home and I couldn't imagine that part of the American dream with out a dog. Red came into our life via a local rescue and quickly became my third child (a big thank you to whom ever coined the term fur baby). When the pet food recalls of 2007 came out I was terrified- I began making all of my dog food at home. The next decade was a learning journey on water chemistry, aquatic plants, animal heath, and the branding that occurs to influence the idea that one product is better than the other- while the bag contents may be the lowest price and quality.  

Bellingham Pet Supply began here in Bellingham by long time locals with much love and excitement for this amazing pet community. I am forever grateful for the amazing first steps made by this business. In late 2018 I made the decision to become a business owner and dedicate my time to providing the best possible products and information to Whatcom counties pet parents and aquarists.

It is this passion for animal heath and experience in husbandry that our dedicated team brings every day to Bellingham Pet Supply & Aquatics. All of our staff are passionate animal lovers and experienced with the unique needs of fish, cats, and dogs.