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Policies at Bellingham Pet Supply & Aquatics

Products and knowledge to make life with pets even better!

We are founded on the principals of sustainability, community, and continued learning.

With that in mind we understand that Sometimes a product isn't right for you or your pet. The policies are so we can make sure you are happy with your purchase and your pets are happy with the products. 

Dry Goods

Wrong spectrum of light? Didn't like the color of the cat harness? Bought aquarium wood that's the wrong size? We got you. Original condition, original package intact, within 30 days of purchase with the receipt and refunds are given via the same method payment was received. 

Fish, Plants, Coral

  We cannot provide returns on fish, inverts, coral, or plants. We will always accept our fish back as donations, no matter how long ago they were purchased.  Because we want you to have the most success with your aquarium we may ask many questions including but not limited to your water parameters, tank mates, tank size, and what you would like to see in your tank. We urge all reefers to follow up with additional coral dips & a proactive quarantine for fish regardless of place of purchase.


Because we are constantly refining our treatments and the vendors we work with if you experience a fish loss after purchase from us we would like to know. Please see our 'more' section for information on acclimating fish, dipping coral, and reef fish to ensure your best chance of success with your new addition. 

Special orders 

Special order items are not eligible for refunds. Any special order for dry goods will need to be purchased 5 days from contact that the item is in store for pick up. If you come to pick up the item and it is not what you requested, or if there is an error in size, if you are under no obligation to purchase. 

If you have special ordered fish we will hold them for 24 hrs after contacting you and after that they will be released for sale to others. With communication in that first 24 hrs we can make arrangements to hold for longer. 

Store conduct

 In order to maintain the needed  conditions for our fish you may encounter water, wet floors, hoses and a variety of unnamed trip hazards. We request that you walk while in the store. You may also encounter loud machinery (ex shop vac, drills), aquariums being dosed or treated, and areas that are under construction for new lay outs. Please be aware of our livestock's needs and ask for assistance if you need it. 

Please do not yell or scream in the store.  Yelling may startle the fish causing them to jump from the aquarium. For this same reason do not tap on or touch the aquariums. 

Under no circumstance is a  customer allowed to put their hands in an aquarium. Lotion, soap, or foods on hands can harm or even kill fish. We also stock animals that may bite or are venomous. You may be harmed.


Do not adjust or touch any equipment on our display tanks in the store as this could result in serious harm to our animals. If you are curious on equipment operation please ask our staff. 

If you choose to disregard this Bellingham Pet Supply & Aquatics or its staff will not be liable in any way.

We reserve the right to refuse service. 


Store Policies: Store Policies
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